Watching Sports – Not


Currently, near me, the 2015 Pan Am games are into their final weekend. I haven’t gone to any of the events and I haven’t watched any of the coverage. This isn’t a reflection on the quality of the events or the athletes. I don’t watch sports on television with a few rare exceptions. I will watch a game or two of the World Cup of hockey, the occasional game of the World Cup of soccer and the America’s Cup if it is broadcast.

I realize this makes me very different from the average North American who will watch up to forty hours of sports each week. I can’t. I don’t have the time, and frankly watching sports bores me to tears, especially golf. I liked to play sports when younger, but today I tend to concentrate on working out, rather than winning.

Not that I haven’t played sports in the past. Soccer, tennis, fencing, karate. I tend towards the individual ones rather than the team ones. It’s amazing how team sport brings out the worst in some people. They have to be captain and leading scorer at the same time. I’m not talking about the professionals, but the ones in the amateur leagues. You know the type. He was a hotshot in high school, but never played in college. That’s the sort you get in industrial leagues.

Anyway, the Pan Am games are in their final weekend. Competitors from North and South America are competing for medals and bragging rights, and possibly a shot at the next Olympics. I wish them all luck. Personally, I’d rather be doing than watching and I have quite enough to keep me busy these days. Having said that I better get back to the stuff I have to do.

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