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Too much of a good thing

The snow falling on Buffalo is epic. That’s the only word that makes any sense. While a foot or so of snow is great for making snow angels and snowmen, seven feet of it cripples all the transportation and closes everything down.

While we instinctively understand that seven feet of snow (213 cm) is a lot, we tend to react with ‘It’s just snow’ and the ‘They don’t know what snow is’ response. Certainly people in Montreal and Newfoundland get a lot of snow each year.

The record for the most snow in a season goes to the Mt. Baker Ski area which received 1,140 inches (95.0 ft.; 29.0 m), during the 1998–99 season. Mt. Baker also enjoys the unofficially highest average annual snowfall of any resort in the world, with 641 inches (53.4 ft.; 16.3 m). However, Mt Baker doesn’t hold the record for a single day.

The heaviest 24-hour snowfall on record in the mainland United States is 75.8 inches (192 centimeters), which fell at Silver Lake, Colorado, in 1921.

Currently Buffalo has received seven feet or 84 inches. They may have just set a new record for snowfall in a single day. Even if they don’t that much snow in a couple of days boggles the mind.

Today the City of Buffalo has started to prepare for the next catastrophe. With temperatures expected to go up the 50’s (13C) that snow will melt and it contains about 6 inches of water. Imagine six inches of rain in 24 to 48 hours. Remember that the snow will have the grates pugged.

Epic. Maybe not Noah level, but certainly the memory of a lifetime.


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