Ouch. I’ve been distracted.

I haven’t written a blog for months, and frankly, I don’t miss writing them at all.  You see the problem is that a writer only has so many words in him every day. Some writers have more than others do.  (How does Stephen King do it?)

Anyway, I realized that as an author, I have to blow my own horn every so often, and frankly I haven’t been tooting enough. So I’m going to track down the recent sales and put pointers where you can find those stories.

I ran across this call for “Tales from the Construction Site” and this brought back a memory. I met a poet who wrote about his life. One of those poems described his father who worked construction in the 1950’s in Toronto. One image stayed with me.

Back then, the workers carried the bricks and mortar up the side of the building on their backs.  That inspired me to write ‘Nonno’s Gift’

Look for it and other stories from the construction site on Amazon

Tales from the construction site

Tales from the Construction Site