Get the Flu Shot

November first fell on a Saturday this year. On that Saturday I went to the local Flu Shot clinic and received my shot for this year. Since I live in Canada, the flu shot cost me nothing, not a penny.

Why? Several years ago, the government of the province on Ontario weighed the cost of a free flu shot for everyone, versus the cost of hospitalizing victims of the flu. Providing vaccinations proved to be much less expensive. The key is everyone. With 60% or more of the population vaccinated, the flu won’t spread.

Every year between three thousand and fifty thousand Americans die from the flu. That’s the dead ones, not the ones that end up in hospital for days or weeks. During the 2012-13 flu season the CDC estimated that more than thirty-two million had the flu and more than 381,000 Americans were hospitalized for it. (In that period Boston declared a public health emergency over the flu.)

I know. You don’t get the flu shot and never had the flu. You have a special immunity to all disease as a result of Divine intervention. The flu is no big deal anyway.

Just think about this. The initial symptoms of the Flu and Ebola are similar; temperature, sweating, coughing, and so forth. If you feel sick, is it Ebola, or the Flu? Imagine you go to the hospital and they put you in isolation until they are certain. Or that you have to wait in a room filled with sick people.

Take the easy way out. Get the shot.



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