Enter the Dashcam

This has been a horrible year for the Toronto Transit bus drivers. First one was fired for running a red light and nearly hitting a pedestrian after dash-camera footage was sent in. A second case of a bus running a red light has been recorded.

Then, just before Christmas, a bus ran over a fourteen-year-old girl while making a turn and failed to remain at the scene of the accident. Tragic. (No charges have yet been laid in this incident.)

Finally a TTC bus ran into a streetcar. The driver has been charged. Hitting a streetcar? It makes you wonder why the startling red object the size of, well, of a streetcar, didn’t catch his/her attention.

Now 99% of the bus drivers are responsible, professional and competent drivers. However the TTC has 2031 buses, so it has more than four thousand drivers. My luck would be that I’ll run into one of the bad ones.

So I got a dashcam. It is a little device that mounts on the windshield and it records everything in front of you as you drive. The guy running the yellow right coming through the intersection. The truck that changed lanes without signaling. Mine also records interior sound, my GPS location, my speed. (The last is a bit scary.) In the event of an accident the camera senses the collision and marks the part of its recording before during and after the incident as protected.

A common insurance scam in the Toronto area is to create a fender bender with an innocent car, and then make insurance claims. A dashcam would record that the other car backed into you, or cut you off.

I now have a little more peace of mind when driving. I’ll have proof of my innocence, with complete video and audio. However, one question remains in my mind. I wonder why the auto insurance companies don’t offer a discount for a car with a dashcam.



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