Days to Christmas

It’s just days to Christmas (Seasonal Holiday if you insist).  A couple of years ago, I came down with a terrible cold on Christmas morning. I mean terrible. A faucet instead of a nose type cold.  Nothing helped. I should have worn a sign saying ‘unclean’ and rung a bell as I moved from room to room.

Well I limped through the day since we had guests over and then tumbled into bed and stayed there for the next two days.

There’s a cold circulating again this Christmas.

Studies on the common cold in England have determined that colds are not spread by wet feet, uncovered heads, or even cold weather. Furthermore, they showed that French kissing didn’t transmit a cold either.  However, handshaking did. (I’m not suggesting that you French kiss instead of shaking hands.)

Why? Saliva doesn’t carry the virus. It’s the mucus from the respiratory track that does. This is an example of what happens.

George who doesn’t know he has a cold yet, rubs his nose, probably in the washroom. He comes out, and wishes you a ‘Happy Holiday’ with a handshake. You go on your way and rub your eye. Bingo you will have the cold in two to four days.

How to avoid a cold? Skip the handshake and give George a hug instead. (Note: If George is running a high fever and sweating, just give him a fist bump instead. He might have Ebola. <That was a joke, son.>)

Wash your hands often. Carry a hand sanitizing spritzer. Train yourself to stop touching your face, at least with your right hand. Those will all help.

If you do get a cold, remember there’s no cure. It will last seven to ten days. All you can do is get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Zinc lozenges can help shorten the cold if you chew them all the time in the first couple of days.

Best to avoid the cold in the first place, so you can enjoy the season.


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