Crossing the Lake and other Stories is now available


The ebook is now available on Kindle and on Smashwords.  eight stories for only  $1.99.

These are historical stories.

Crossing the Lake

In 1837, in Upper Canada, The failure of a rebellion left its leaders no choice but to flee.

A Debt of Honor

In 1920 in County Cork, the bitter war between the IRA and the Black and Tans spilled onto Patrick’s farm. Patrick was a pacifist but not a coward.

Number 21 Rue le Sueur

In Paris after the war, an American Colonel questions a Gestapo agent about the events at 21 Rue le Sueur.

The Theater Conundrum

In January 1597 William Shakespeare has a problem. The lease on the Blackfrairs is running out and he doesn’t have any alternative.

Shirley Winters

During the Blitz, a young woman with a secret drives an ambulance through the night under blackout.

The Duel

Vienna after the WWI is a romantic fairyland and the best place to be is at the Sophina Salon to flirt and dance the waltz and fight a duel.

Mother of a People

She never bore a child but became the mother of a people, the wearers of the blue veil.

Attack Along the Road

In May 1940, a SU87 strafed the civilians fleeing on the road and brought the war home to Madeline.


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