A Christmas Carol was published on Dec 19, 1843

Today, December 19th was the publication date for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Anyone who hasn’t read the story, or seen the movie (there are at least six versions.) should go to Gutenberg and get a copy. It’s in the Public Domain.

Dickens was unhappy with the amount it earned him. Dickens declined a lump-sum payment for the tale, chose a percentage of the profits in hopes of making more money thereby, and published the work at his own expense. (Tell that to people who look down at self-published books.)

The first run of 6,000 copies sold out by Christmas Eve and the book continued to sell well into the new year. That was at a price of five shillings, a considerable sum.

In 1844 Parley’s Illuminated Library printed a pirated edition. Dickens sued and won his case. However, the book thieves declared bankruptcy and never paid.

Dickens, ever a man who knew the value of publicity and money, began to give readings of the tale in 1853. His last reading was in March 1870, three months before he died.

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