32 Gig?

Christmas presents have come and I have some new toys. Here is a general rule for buying presents. Men and women are fundamentally different, so they react differently to presents. In general, men like shiny things with metal and lots of parts, or electronics of any sort.

I received two electronic toys this season, both of which accepted a micro SD card. I visited a computer two and picked up two of them for about twenty dollars each.

Now a Micro SD card is just that a piece of memory, in plastic that is smaller than the nail on your pinky finger. As I installed it, I realized. That’s 32 Gig! My first computer had forty-eight K of memory. This chip has about a million times that.

That Micro SD could hold more than 60 full length movies? What would that be in books? The Paperwhite Kindle has 2gb and can hold approximately 1100 ebooks. That little chip can hold sixteen times that much. Not the entire library of congress, but enough to supply reading for about fifty years.

Moore’s law states that computer chips double in capacity roughly every two years. So expect to see on terabyte Micro SD cards in about ten years.

What will we do with all of this capacity? I mean besides save movies and MP3’s. (Will we bother with MP3 compression?)


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